Part 1
For many years, Kenton had been dreaming of visiting San Francisco, CA.  I caught his “adventure fever” and several years ago we started saving and planning; we planned to go for our 10-year anniversary.  But a few months ago, we were talking & dreaming and decided “there is no time like the present” to take this trip.  So, tickets were bought, motels booked, babysitters arranged and bags packed.  And then we left for an amazing week to celebrate us and our marriage and our life together.

We flew into San Francisco late at night, and despite the 3-hour time difference, were up bright and early the next morning.  We had a loose plan of what we wanted to see and do on the trip: a few attractions, but mostly, we just wanted to relax & enjoy being together.

Our first day in San Francisco, we parked our car in down town and began walking.  Apparently, we parked at the bottom of a hill, because we climbed walked up & up & up!  We kept thinking that we were at the top of the hill soon, but the street kept going up! 🙂  And then, sweet relief, we reached the top and could finally descend.
#88 006

We walked through Chinatown and Italy, and made our way over to Coit Tower.  The tower is the highest point in the city and has a beautiful view of San Francisco.  Unfortunately for us, the tower was closed for construction, but we could still visit the park area around it.

This is the street leading up to the tower.  It was so crazy steep, cars had to park perpendicular to the street!
#88 011
A view from the tower.
#88 024
Another view (with some explanations (click on the picture to view it larger)).
#88 0282

From Coit Tower, we walked down the hill and up again, to Lombard Street.  This is at the top of Lombard St., where we could look back where we came from and see Coit Tower.#88 038
From there, we walked down to Ghirardelli Square where we sampled some amazing chocolate!
#88 049

From the square, we walked along Fisherman’s Wharf and finally found some delicious food for us to eat!  Maybe it was because of all the walking we did that day or the fresh air we inhaled or being by the Pacific Ocean, but the burger & sweet potato fries we had for lunch were absolutely!

We found a beautiful spot to rest before it was time for the Alcatraz tour.  We also found the “bush man”…a man with a sense of humor who hides behind a bush and then jumps out to scare unsuspecting passersby.  Thankfully, we were walking the right way and were able to watch the scene unfold, rather than being the unsuspecting passersby!
#88 052

We took the early evening Alcatraz tour, so we were able to watch San Francisco light up as darkness fell.  The boat took us around the island and then inside the prison, we had an audio tour as we walked through.  Some of the audio was actual guards and prisoners that were in the Alcatraz prison.
#88 062#88 073
#88 1142

After the Alcatraz tour, we decided to take a cable car because we were tired and it would be faster than walking.  Unknown to us, the car we chose to ride on was having mechanical issues.  The mechanism kept slipping off the underground cable, so the repair truck had to come out and push us to the shop and then, with everyone still on the car, they put a new one on and we were good to go!  We finally made it back to our car and said “good-bye for now” to San Francisco.
#88 124

Our first day on vacation was amazing and it was only the beginning of a wonderful week that God had for us.  We saw His hand so many times, and as we drove 3.5 hours north that night we had no idea what He had planned for us in the beautiful city of Redding.

But that will have to wait until another day!

 Be blessed!



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