Christmas in August?

It’s hot.  There is no way around it.  So in an effort to keep cool, I am going to let my imagination run wild and pretend that it is a cold, winter afternoon, the tea I am drinking is actually a peppermint mocha, and the following pictures happened only last week.  In light of that, here is our Christmas 2013 family trip.

We packed our vehicle to the max, and headed to cold (and hopefully, snowy) Ohio.    #86 040  #86 049We made a stop in beautiful North Carolina and then, many hours later, we made it to our first stop.  There we were hosted by Kenton’s brother & his wife, and enjoyed some wonderful family time.

There were family pictures taken…
#86 073

Stories read, kiddos cuddled…
#86 102
#86 109
Evenings relaxing…
#86 113
And snow enjoyed!!
#86 138        #86 143 #86 145
Then it was time to move on and go to Pennsylvania to be with my family. There, new family members were introduced…
#86 148

Games of “try to get away from Grandpa” were played…
#86 153
More family pictures were taken (our family with my grandparents, who deserve a post all their own)…
#86 166
More snow!
#86 183

A family field trip to Herr’s Potato Chips
#86 190
Games played…
#86 263
And wisdom bestowed…
#86 270
Then it was time to leave the cold north and head home.  And while this sweet baby did not take a turn in driving, she & her big sister did an amazing job traveling and we considered this trip to be a smashing success!  The neatest part was to notice how individuals in each of our family’s have grown spiritually, and to then have the chance to speak life & encouragement over them.  We all agreed…this was the best Christmas yet!
#86 279

Now it’s back to reality and the fact that it will still be a few months before I actually need that peppermint mocha to warm up.  Until then, I will enjoy my beautifully air-conditioned house and wait patiently for the cooler weather that is bound to come!

Stay cool, friends!