Here’s the latest…

Well, things have certainly changed in our lives since I last posted! And I will gladly use that as the reason for my lack of keeping y’all updated 🙂

So, here’s the short version: My husband got a new job, we moved to Tennessee and I’m pregnant!

For my detail-loving friends, here is the long version:
It all started when we as a family took a quick trip to Pennsylvania at the end of January for the funeral of my Grandma.  She was a wonderful Grandma, full of spunk and life and love.  The weekend was packed full of family, old friends, food, laughter and tears. It also included a conversation that has changed our lives.               #96 015#96 025

#96 033

This conversation that took place was between Kenton and a business owner.  During the course of conversation this was said: “We have this new purchasing position we just created in our business. What would you think about moving to Tennessee and filling that position?”
#97 003

What followed next felt like an amazing whirlwind of conversations and phone calls and decisions and “Are we really doing this?”  And then came the e-mail that said “You have the job if you want it.”  We were so aware of God walking with us through this whole process…His peace, good nights of sleep, words of encouragement and confirmation.  There was also the fact that our house sold in less than 48 hours! #97 030 And then when we moved, we had literally the exact amount of cardboard boxes and we were able to rent a moving truck for 1/3 the price we had budgeted!  All of this and more, have been so good to remind ourselves of when we begin to wonder if we’re doing the right thing.#97 116 #98 057

So Kenton did his week of training and is enjoying getting settled into his new position at the company.  He is so excited about working for Wood-Tex Products and being part of this wonderful team!  And the really neat part?  They’re family!  It was my uncle that started the company and now his 2 sons have grown it to what it is today.#98 095

And the pregnancy?  Well, 3 days after that life-changing e-mail, we found out the family-growing news that I am pregnant!  A friend said “Moving while pregnant is not for the faint of heart!”  And I definitely agree.  But I took naps and went slowly and thankfully, had some help with packing.  I am currently 17 weeks along and feeling really well!  Naps are still a very close friend 🙂 #98 1302

So, that’s the latest in this journey the Lord has us on.  I am increasingly aware of the truth of this blog’s name…He really is “with me always” and we are so grateful and in awe of His presence.

Blessings!  –sherri