Y’all.  May 2015 was my last post.  Wow!  A lot of life, love, laughter and a few tears have happened since then.  The temptation to do a big post and catch you all up on our lives is hovering in my head, but that would probably be the longest post EVER.  So my plan is to just jump right in as though I never left and hopefully be able to fill in the gaps as I go.  Sound good?  I thought so, too 😉

#88 128

October starts the birthday season for the kids…2 in October, 1 in November & then the memory celebration of our heavenly baby in December.  Because I love them so much & because I want to have it documented, I’ll be writing out their birth stories as we celebrate their lives.  So that will be on here soon.

But for now, let me just tell you how amazing & wonderful it is to be in a state where there is Fall!  I am loving this cooler weather & would seriously be okay with it if it was like this year round!  And because I’m loving this season so much, I’ll leave you with this quote from LM Montgomery, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Be back soon!  –sherri


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