Christmas at our House

This year, for the first time in 10 years of being married, we had an “at home” Christmas.  We have always spent Christmas with either my family or Kenton’s, and about half of those Christmases we would be traveling to our destination.  So this year it was nice to not be traveling anywhere and being at home gave us a chance to start some traditions as our own family.

On Christmas Eve we went to a friend’s home for lunch and had a wonderful time with them and some of their friends.  The food was delicious, the company sweet and everyone had a great time.

That evening, Kenton pulled our mattress into the living room and we let the girls stay up way past their bedtime, enjoying lots of quality time and watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie.  I’m pretty sure that was the beginning of a fun Christmas Eve tradition.  The girls had the best time, and loved having everyone sleeping out in the living room together.


Christmas morning was filled with the sounds of paper tearing, screams of excitement, and many giggles as gifts were opened and new toys were played with.  I even got to play with my new “toy”, a Kitchen Aid hand mixer, when I made some yummy waffles for our brunch.

And that’s where our traditional Christmas day ended.  Because that afternoon we broke all the traditional Christmas “rules”.  This happened…


…the beginning of our bathroom/closet renovation!  Our master bath & closet were about the same size, so we are moving the wall into our closet almost 2 feet.  So yes, we will have a smaller closet, but we will definitely enjoy having a larger bathroom!  This means we will have a large, walk-in shower and a vanity/sink almost 2 times what we’ve been using.  Besides, I’ve been meaning to go more minimalist on my wardrobe, so having a smaller closet shouldn’t be an issue 😉


This little guy thinks that wearing Daddy’s beanie and “helping” him with the renovations is just the best thing ever!

So that was our Christmas.  How was yours?  Did you make any new traditions this year?  Were you with extended family or was your day a little quieter than usual, too?

Now I’m off to do some organizing/cleaning of this house and turn it from pure chaos into organized chaos 🙂  Y’all enjoy your evening!