Date Night

You know all those people who say that the best thing you can do for your marriage is to date your spouse?  It’s true.  Do it!!


It had been a looooong time since we’d had a date.  But on Saturday, thanks to a sweet friend offering to watch the kiddos, we had ourselves a few “you & me” hours.  And since Kenton wanted to get in some flying hours, what better way to spend those hours than in the air?  We flew up to Bowling Green, KY, ate amazing food at Montana Grille, and then flew home to the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.


And it was!  Nothing spectacular happened (besides the fact that my husband flew us to our destination) ;), we didn’t make any life-changing decisions and we didn’t talk about anything groundbreaking.  We just had normal conversation, held hands, laughed, and enjoyed being together.  In my opinion, that is the best kind of date.


So take the time.  Make the time!  And go enjoy some one-on-one with your significant other.  You’ll be glad you did!